2020 2021 FTSE China A50 Index Futures (SGX:CN) forecast, Target 17850 (+23.53%)

Stock trading : FTSE China A50 Index Futures (SGX:CN) forecast, Target 17850 (+23.53%)
Market : FTSE China A50 Index Futures (SGX:CN)
Trade : BUY the Dip
Entry : 14450
Target : 17850 (3400, +23.53 %)
Stop : 13450 (1000, -6.92 %)
Date : January 15 (Wednesday) 04:24 (CST)

Note : Chinese stock market indexes are likely to rise very high. There are many experts who say that stock markets will collapse, talking about China-USA trade war. In my opinion, although the stock market situation is not good, however the stock market indexes will go up. China A50 Index futures seem to have almost finished preparing for another climb. Sooner or later, they will start to rise. Prior to that, there will be some fluctuation, and that will be opportunites to buy at lower prices.
Reference Only. If you are looking for a reference for real trading, this may be the right place. I hope you do not copy, but hope you get your own better strategy by referring to the above and make a good trading.